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About Carol

While many of us come to our faith and understanding of divinity through religious teachings based upon adherence to a formal structure of practice, Carol grew up experiencing direct communion with divinity that was unbounded by human influence or religious doctrine. Carol is what can most accurately be described as a modern-day mystic.

mystic is someone who seeks direct communion with the divine through following an inner path centered on experiencing divine love through contemplation, prayer, and meditation—an inner path always initiated through a pure love of the divine and a thirst to experience absolute love and ultimate truth.

Although Carol may demonstrate abilities perceived to be beyond normal human perception—such as clairsentience, precognition, or soul-to-soul communication—developing these abilities has never been Carol's focus or intention. Carol seeks only to know the grace of divine love through the invisible mysteries of pure consciousness and often experiences insights and abilities that enable her to convey, express, or transfer the essence of divine love, divine truth, and divine energy through her words, teachings, or energetic touch. Thus, these abilities occur through Carol's relationship with divinity ... a deep abiding relationship of love, trust, and energetic knowing.

Carol's journey as a mystic began at age four when she found herself consciously interacting with Benevolence (divinity) in a place of perfection and bliss while simultaneously aware that doctors were fighting to save her physical life during tonsil surgery. Upon awakening from surgery Carol not only vividly remembered this divine interaction, but she also recognized the light-filled beings that now accompanied her as she moved through her young life as the same beings with whom she had interacted in this blissful place. Companions that she would later learn were angels—and a Benevolent Presence she would come to call God.

Then, at age nine, Carol experienced two spontaneous transcendent encounters with divinity that forever changed her life ... and her consciousness. In these extraordinary experiences, Carol's individual consciousness and divine all-knowing consciousness simultaneously existed without any perceived sense of separation or loss of either individual or divine "identity"— as though she and divinity were identically the same one energetic, conscious beingness of pure love and divine all-knowingness.

These life-altering experiences awakened Carol's consciousness and unfolded a remarkable life of conscious interaction with divinity that would forever define and unfold the path of mysticism that Carol would follow.

The doorway to direct communion with divine energy and benevolent beings continued as Carol aged and experienced, bringing her hundreds of enlightened higher conscious insights and profound paranormal and mystical experiences.

Then, during an astonishing period of higher conscious insight, the dots of all of Carol's amazing lifelong experiences and energetic encounters with Benevolence were connected to The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us. In a profound moment of enlightened awareness, Carol realized that everything that had happened—all of her higher conscious insights and unusual mystical experiences—were divinely designed to occur so that her experiences could serve as living proof of what we all embody. Living conscious verification of the ultimate truth of who we are ... our true divine nature and beingness.

This extraordinary truth—never before revealed to humanity—has been loving shared by Carol Romine with everyone in her book, Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny: The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us.  The ultimate truth revealed by Carol—a modern-day mystic and spiritual teacher—is presented in an engaging, inspirational, and enlightening way ... dissolving the boundaries of spiritual belief and cultural differences by unraveling the mystery of us and our universe in a way that energetically unites us individually and as mankind.

Carol continues to experience direct communion with divine energy and shares her higher conscious insights, unusual mystical experiences, and inspirational messages of love, truth, and unity through writing, teaching, and lecturing to help others awaken to their true self, shift their consciousness, and live their lives more joyfully ... more lovingly ... and more consciously aware.

Carol considers her truest "home" to be that shared space of benevolent bliss that she first experienced in childhood—and she is consciously, energetically, and lovingly devoted to helping others to find their way home to their own true nature ... the vibration of divine conscious love that forever holds our beingness and guides our way.


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