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“Awakening The Divine Conscious You™” Premiers on

Today my new radio program “Awakening The Divine Conscious You™” premiers on, which is rated #1 in internet talk radio.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my message through this media platform and extend my gratitude to Mr. Brad Saul, the President of Matrix Media, Inc. for his confidence and support in extending me this opportunity.

The conscious intention of this radio program is to take the “woo woo” out of  the more mystical, spiritual, energetic, and quantum aspects of our true nature; connect the dots between our perceived physical reality world and the true nature of ourselves, each other, divine energy, and everything; and bridge spirituality and science in a way that is understandable, interesting, inspirational, and even mind blowing.  All of which is intended to shift your consciousness and help you to awaken and remember the ultimate truth that has been forgotten—a truth never before revealed to humanity by Divinity, divinely intended to be happening at this time for mankind.

My conscious intention is that this radio program will not only share fascinating topics and present a new way of looking at yourselves, your lives, your realities, and the Divine, but also help you to more consciously understand how it relates to everyone and everything by tying it to the paradigm-shattering ultimate truth presented in my book, experienced through my own personal journey of enlightenment. In this way, you will be able to choose whether or not the topic warrants further exploration in order for you to incorporate or utilize this information to help you transform not only what you are living (your experiences) but also the way you are living (your attitude, thoughts, and emotions.)

At the age of four, I began experiencing direct transcendent encounters with Divinity and Angels that awakened my consciousness, revealed the ultimate divine truth behind the creation of collective human consciousness, and defined the path of mysticism that I have forever followed. These direct Divine interactions, profound mystical/paranormal experiences, and higher conscious insights have been on-going throughout my life … an extraordinary life orchestrated by Divinity to unfold just as it has in order that my life serve as living verification of the ultimate truth that was revealed to me in childhood—a truth that is known within each and every one of us that we only need awaken to in order for us to remember. This is a consciousness-shifting truth that will prove to be the new paradigm in our world, and our remembrance of this truth will confirm the innate ability that each of us possesses to transcend human conscious barriers and consciously bring forth and utilize our own Divine All-Knowingness.

This ultimate truth, revealed in my book “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny,” is the entire purpose for the creation of collective human consciousness and it is being revealed by Divinity now as part of the divine blueprint of our awakening, forever shifting our consciousness and our reality. In actuality, we are not a “part” of the shift occurring in collective human consciousness … WE ARE THE SHIFT.

Please join me in this ground-breaking radio program as I converse and interact with guest authors and experts in a variety of spiritual, scientific, and energetic fields in order to open up new frontiers in conscious awareness and connect the dots in a personal way where you consciously awaken to your True Self.

By discovering the ultimate truth of who you truly are and the divine intention behind why you are experiencing life, you’ll learn to perceive yourself and everything as it truly is rather than as how it appears, shifting your consciousness, and Awakening the Divine Conscious You™.  Blessings of love, light, truth, abundance, and peace.

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