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Embracing Wonderment ... Vanquishing Shadows

As children we are constantly experiencing a state of wonderment. This frequency allows us to completely immerse ourselves joyfully in each new experience. There is no fear, there is no guilt, there is no resistance at all to the moment. We are just energetically, consciously, emotionally wide open to what we are experiencing. Some of the most touching and inspirational moments of my life have been those where I’ve witnessed my niece’s full-throttle sense of wonderment. It is awe-inspiring how she and other children give themselves over fully to each new experience.

Once, when I was riding in a car with a friend of my husband’s, I became consciously aware of how he was energetically experiencing the scenery around him. There was light in his eyes, excitement in his energy field, and the vibration of joy was flowing off him in waves, striking my own energy and infusing me with a similar emotion. It was then that I consciously recognized the energy he was experiencing … it was wonderment! In that moment I was shocked to realize that I hadn’t truly been living in a space of wonderment for some time.

In looking back, I could remember being in wonderment for years when experiencing my conscious awakening in childhood and then for years while growing up and then for years while experiencing my spiritual awakening after moving to Florida and then for years while experiencing the events written about in my book and then energetically experienced throughout the writing of my book. In the present moment I couldn’t remember when my sense of wonderment slipped behind the shadowy veil of “what now” or “watch out, this is similar to that other experience” or “same old, same old—I’ve seen this before.”

This grown man, sitting next to me, was perfectly experiencing the child-like abandon of wonderment, triggering a recognition in me that his sense of wonderment had never escaped him. I found myself falling completely in love with the vibration he was experiencing to the point that I began to cry. My tears were tears of recognition of what I deeply love about my true nature of fearless, open abandon, and optimism when facing a new experience. In that moment I came home to myself in a way that awakened me to the loss we can all sometimes experience as we learn.

As we are learning we gain knowledge or experience, but our sense of wonderment can be the sacrifice of lost naivety or innocence. Never should we lose one ounce of our innocence or our sense of wonderment. It should be the light that shines before us, greeting each new day, each new experience, each new person. Instead we allow shadows of our disappointment or pain or fear to guide us. Is there anything sadder than those who have lost what is only natural to all of us? I cannot imagine anything more reflective of our acquiescence to the experiences of life than relinquishing our sense of wonderment to the bygone days of youth.

Even now I realize that I must sometimes reach deeply inside through my heart to pull the energy of wonderment from the shadows of my yesterday and place it squarely in front of my consciousness, my heart, and how I move through my life. Then, as the energy of wonderment strikes my mind and my heart, there is a wondrous burst of joy and excitement, and I realize I am home to me once more and find myself smiling and enthusiastically looking forward to my approaching day. What will I experience?  Who will I meet?  What great adventure will begin today? What magic does this day hold?  What pearl of wisdom, act of friendship, or gift of abundance will I experience?

It is then, at that very moment, that I realize I have vanquished the shadows that hold me back and I am my true self once more … that little girl filled with joy, optimism, and wonderment—ready for whatever the day and each new experience holds.

Reach in, dear ones, and connect with the wonderment that is your true nature and embrace it in warmth and love, allowing it to guide your day, your choices, and your life. Smile with all your heart at the day before you, knowing wonderment is your purest and most joyful companion! Blessings.

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