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What does the unifying principle of "All-at-Once Consciousness™" mean?

The following excerpts are from the book, "Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny" published June 2012 by Balboa Press, Copyright © 2012 Carol Romine, All Rights Reserved:

"So, what does All-at-Once Consciousness™ really mean? This concept, more than any other, is the single most confusing concept for us to understand in human embodiment because we view things from the perspective of the physical plane of consciousness with all the physical laws and realities.

Consciousness—our conscious mind as typically experienced through our own individual human consciousness is limited in that it only knows to the boundaries of what it perceives through self-conscious awareness; and it does not yet perceive its own all-knowingness.

Unconsciousness—our unconscious mind is not only self-conscious in the sense that it perceives self, but our own unconscious mind is also a limitless, all-knowing consciousness, not only aware of its allness as a collective consciousness but also simultaneously aware and connected with all other individual self-consciousnesses. Unconscious all-knowingness is carried within each and every one of us, accessible through our own subconscious. Our subconscious is not just ours alone, but rather our subconscious is simultaneously the universal collective unconscious. Thus, our individual subconscious is not only aware of everything that occurs as all of us, but is also simultaneously aware of what occurs as each and every single one of us.

In truth, we, as divine consciousness, simultaneously hold all states of conscious perspective at once:
  • individual me conscious awareness
  • collective me conscious awareness
  • each and every other individual me conscious awareness

Think of it as though our true state of divine beingness is simultaneously conscious as an "individual me," as a "collective me," and as "each and every other individual me." For example, if I were experiencing as my true divine, All-at-Once Consciousness, I would be consciously aware as the individual self "Carol," as the collective allness "divinity," and as each and every other individual self "Brian, Lindsey, Sam, Becky, etc." I would be simultaneously conscious of what was being experienced as each and every and all states of awareness.

Through the unfoldment of conscious awareness in human experience and expression, we, as humanity, have misperceived the true nature of consciousness. Even though we may have come to recognize the "individual me" consciousness (soul divinity) and the "collective me" consciousness (allness divinity), we have misperceived that we, as individual consciousness, and divine energy, as allness consciousness, were separate ... either an individual consciousness (one) or a collective consciousness (all). Then, even when we begin to perceive that we are simultaneously both a "one" and an "all" consciousness, we still misperceive ourselves to be separate from each and every other consciousness ... misperceiving the true all-at-once nature of consciousness. We, as human consciousness, do not consciously realize that we are inseparably an individual consciousness, a collective consciousness, and each and every other individual consciousness ... simultaneously .

In truth, everything is only one divine, indivisible energy—thus, everything is always, eternally, the same all-at-once divine beingness—consciously aware that it is always "all" even when being a "one" or even when being "each and every single one."

But the issue isn't what divine consciousness is, it is how we interpret "our" relationship to divine consciousness that creates the misperception. Yes, divine consciousness is energetically everything at once; but we are in human consciousness and perceiving from a human perspective. This perspective causes us to compartmentalize the concept of consciousness and relegate it to either being a one or an all, missing the true nature of divine consciousness as being an all-at-each-and-every-single-onceness consciousness. For a minute image that you wake up one morning as your normal, waking conscious self ... but this morning enlightened awareness also awakens within your consciousness. This enlightened awareness brings the conscious knowing that you are not just your own individual consciousness but you are equally and simultaneously each and every other individual self consciousness as well as the totality of all consciousness. This enlightened awareness is the true nature of divine consciousness—the true nature of us!

When we begin to awaken to our allness while experiencing and expressing as our onceness, we are no longer perceiving from either a "collective me" or an "individual me" awareness. And this realization is our pathway—our energetic access to conscious interaction with our own divine nature while experiencing human consciousness.

The unfoldment of our own divine consciousness occurs as we continue to pull unconscious all-knowingness into waking conscious awareness, creating a bridge of remembrance of our true divine essence. Then once we are fully conscious and know the allness of our nature while we are simultaneously aware of not only our own individual consciousness but also equally aware of each and every other individual consciousness, we will be experiencing the innate inseparability of our consciousness ... and we will be consciously "home" to our true eternal, all-at-once divine essence in any and all experiences or expressions.


For explanation purposes, imagine that each soul divinity is a petal within the allness of a divine lotus flower. Before the lotus flower begins unfolding, all petals are experiencing their divine nature and are at rest as the beingness of the lotus. The petal has always existed as both petal and lotus flower, but the petal is unaware of its "individual" petal essence. The petal only consciously recognizes itself to be the "collective" allness of the lotus flower, as the petal's "self" awareness lay dormant and unrealized.


As the petal begins to experience and express its unfoldment, self-conscious awareness—self-realization—begins to awaken the petal to the knowing that it is not just a lotus flower, but it is also a petal. Then, as each lotus petal's beautiful expression of unfoldment continues, the petal becomes more and more aware of not only its own individual consciousness but it also becomes more consciously aware, more consciously connected to everything ... as though its consciousness and the consciousness of each and every other individual petal is one and the same consciousness.

When the petal consciously experiences the allness essence of the lotus while it is simultaneously experiencing as the onceness essence of the lotus, it begins to remember its own divine all-at-once nature—bridging conscious awareness as both flower and petal.

Once the petal is able to hold simultaneous conscious awareness of itself as an individual petal, as each and every other individual petal, and as the allness of the lotus, the divine promise of awakening has been fulfilled ... the individual lotus petal has consciously awakened to its all-at-once divine lotus beingness.

All-at-Once Consciousness not only describes the true nature of divine energy ... the true nature of us and our universe ... the true nature of everything—but All-at-Once Consciousness is the unifying principle that applies to everything.

Consciously understanding All-at-Once Consciousness unifies everything. It unifies our perceived human nature with that of our true divine nature; science with spirituality; and science with itself because it establishes that there is no conflict between the classical physics world (our seen universe) and the quantum physics world (the unseen Universe) when viewed through the lens of All-at-Once Consciousness™.

As impossible as it may seem, we are so much more than just an individual human consciousness. And though we may not yet be able to consciously access it, at our core is the limitless divine energy of All-at-Once Consciousness™."


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