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Our Subconscious is the Gateway to Divine All-Knowingness

Have you ever wondered why affirmations, conscious intentions, positive thinking, and creative visualizations don't seem to yield your heart-felt intentions? It may be due to subconscious emotional blocks. Releasing subconscious emotional blocks is a key component of manifesting our desires, yet it is often overlooked.

If you have any subconscious emotional blocks that are not congruent (in harmony) with your intentions, you will be hard pressed to manifest your dreams, no matter how diligently you utilize any tool of conscious intention. Much like an arm wrestling contest, any pre-existing subconscious emotional block will triumph over even our most ardent conscious intentions. 

Forever it would seem, our subconscious mind has been perceived as our “mysterious us,” as an understanding of its true nature has not only eluded us but also science.

The term “subconscious mind” is a layperson’s replacement for the term “unconscious mind” that the academic and scientific community avoid using as it is considered to be an imprecise definition. In actuality, there is no difference between unconscious and subconscious. They are energetically, identically the same and can be used interchangeably.

In order to solve the mystery of our subconscious, we need to step away from the traditional way the subconscious (unconscious) has been characterized by poets, scientists, doctors, philosophers, etc. and shed new light on the true nature and role of our subconscious.

The term “unconscious mind” was coined in the 18th century by German philosopher Friedrich Schelling, but it was Sigmund Freud who developed and popularized this term through the study of psychoanalysis in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Freud believed our unconscious mind to be nothing more than a repository for our socially unacceptable ideas or desires, repressed traumatic memories or emotions, and that our libido (sexual drive) is solely responsible for forming our core personality. 

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, approached our unconscious mind from a different perspective in that he, like Freud, believed that we have a personal unconscious; but, unlike Freud, Jung also believed that we have a collective unconscious. To Jung the collective unconscious was the part of our unconscious mind that contained ideas and memories inherited from our ancestors, as well as limitless archetypes (ancient images such as the persona, the shadow, the wise old man, the hero, etc. that the entire collective shares). Jung also believed that life has a spiritual purpose beyond materialistic goals, that the core of our human psyche is religious in nature, and that our main purpose is to discover and fulfill our intrinsic potential. Jung believed “individuation” to be a transformative journey to simultaneously meet self and the Divine—a journey that is the mystical core of all religions.  Jung’s concept of individuation is centered around the belief that in order for someone to be whole, they must pull the unconscious into consciousness while allowing those two forces to maintain their autonomy. In his approach to analytical psychology, Jung explored Eastern and Western philosophy and religions, astrology, sociology, and the arts, as Jung believed that spiritual experiences were crucial to our overall sense of well-being and that some cures could only be found through personal spiritual events.  It is no wonder Carl Jung was viewed by many to be a mystic, as it is clearly evident that Jung was influenced by transcendent mystical thoughts and experiences in his approach to understanding and healing the human psyche.

We must keep in mind that the study of the subconscious (unconscious) mind is relatively new and was originally approached as a tool to treat the human psyche by Freud, Jung, and others through “interpretation” approaches such as dream analysis, meditation, random association, verbal (Freudian) slips, etc.

Neither Freud’s nor Jung’s perspective captures the true profundity of our subconscious mind. In actuality, our subconscious mind stores all our experiences, thoughts, and emotions; acts as a gatekeeper of that information; and releases that information when and as appropriate to our well-being. But even more extraordinary, our subconscious mind is not just ours alone. Our subconscious mind is simultaneously the universal collective unconscious.  Not the “collective unconscious” described by Jung, limited to “collective” personas, imprints and images.  But a collective unconscious that is in actuality identically the same in energetic essence as Divine "all-knowing" consciousness. Not only does our subconscious mind store all knowledge:  past, present, and even future—it also stores the absolute knowing of everything that is, was, or will be. 

How is this possible?  It is because we are all simultaneously experiencing the same one inseparable, indivisible Divine Consciousness. Thus, anything that is, was, or will be can be perceived through energetically interacting with our very own subconscious mind. This perfectly explains why some people are able to perceive past, present, and future events, as well as thoughts, impressions, or information about people they don’t even know … people who are sometimes separated by many miles—or even death.  Sensitives or “psychics” are merely tapping into the collective unconscious—that divine all-knowingness that is simultaneously “known” within each of us, disguised as our mysterious subconscious mind.

Even more mind blowing, but it is absolutely true, is that the true nature of Divine Consciousness is omnipresent in ALL states of awareness, so there is no energetic difference between higher conscious, subconscious, unconscious, human conscious, or Divine Conscious awareness. They are all identically the same all-knowing Divine energy. Our conscious perception views them as different or separate because we are unable to consciously perceive the true nature of Divine Energy in that it simultaneously exists everywhere and in everything as identically the same inseparable, energetic beingness. Basically, we have fallen asleep to truth of our own divine nature as well as the divine nature of everything and we are even now in the processing of awakening from the dream of misperception.

Simply stated, “Our Subconscious is the Gateway to Divine All-Knowingness.”  Phenomenal … but absolutely true.  This was verified not only through on-going Divine interaction throughout my life, but also through my subconscious work utilizing Nero-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), as shared in “Part 2” of my book.

Most importantly, we are not “in” Divinity nor is Divinity “in” us.  The term “in” implies parts.  Divine energy has no parts. In actuality, we and Divinity are identically, simultaneously the same energetic, all-knowing, all-loving inseparable, indivisible Divine Beingness. These concepts and much more about who we are and how all of this really works is presented in my book “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny, “ which I believe is a must read for anyone seeking to consciously awaken to the true nature of themselves, divine energy, and the universe in which they live.

In actuality, the role of our subconscious mind is not to hold emotional blocks as a way of keeping us from experiencing our heart-felt dreams and intentions. The true role of our subconscious is to help us become consciously aware of thoughts or emotions locked within our consciousness that are energetically incongruent with our true divine nature. Think of it as though our subconscious emotional blocks exist through our erroneous perceptions about the truth of ourselves in relation to divine energy and each other. Once we begin to engage and dialogue with our own subconscious mind, we will not only understand this phenomenal transformational tool at our disposal, but we will better consciously embrace the true divine intention behind the creation of collective human consciousness in that “We are not here to evolve … but to remember what we already are.” Accessing our own subconscious mind will help us to remember what is already “know” deeply within each and every one of us.

Just how do we connect and engage in dialogue with our Divine all-knowing subconscious mind? For me, it was through N.E.T., but there are other tools and techniques available that will be showcased and discussed in future blogs, workshops, and on my radio program, “Awakening the Divine Conscious You™” on

Our subconscious is far more than an isolated aspect of our consciousness housing our suppressed desires and individual thoughts, emotions, and memories. It truth, our subconscious holds the key through which we are better able to live our lives more joyfully while manifesting new realities and discovering and awakening our ultimate Divine destiny.

NOTE:  If you are interested in learning more about our extraordinary subconscious mind and the true nature of us, divine energy, and our universe please read “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny,” and listen to my recent radio program, entitled, “Awakening The Divine  Conscious You™—Dialoguing with Your Enigmatic Subconscious Mind … The Mysterious Us” as my guest Angela King, AP, DOM and I engage in a conversation that removes the “woo woo” surrounding our mysterious subconscious mind.


Book:  “Avatars Of Consciousness Awaken To Your Divine Destiny”

Radio Program:  “Awakening The Divine Conscious You™—Dialoguing with Your Enigmatic Subconscious          Mind … The Mysterious Us”

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