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What does “Avatars of Consciousness™” mean?

The following excerpts are from the book, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken To Your Divine Destiny” published June 2012 by Balboa Press, Copyright © 2012 Carol Romine, All Rights Reserved:

“The term Avatars of Consciousness is a perfect description of what we are and how we consciously extend from one state of consciousness to another, from one lifetime to another, from one dream to another, and from one dimension to another in our journey of awakening.

While meditating on the best way to describe what we are, the phrase “Avatars of Consciousness™” floated into my mind. Initially, I had no clue as to why this phrase was given to me from higher (divine) consciousness. But when I looked up the word “avatar” on line at (Merriam-Webster Dictionary), one meaning of the word avatar is:  A variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity.

Based upon all that I have experienced, this is a perfect and apropos description of what we are. The phrase “continuing basic entity means the foundation of something that doesn’t originate from anything else yet extends on—continues on into other forms. For example, what is the continuing basic entity in my case? You would think it would be my soul, because my physical incarnation of Carol is a variant version of the continuing basic entity of my soul. Up until a couple of years ago, this application would have resonated with my perception of me, my soul, and Universe. Technically, though, it would be a misperception. My soul is not the basic entity from which all variations of me extend. Why? Because our soul can be traced back to the original basic entity of the divine conscious vibration of love.

All variant phases or versions continue from the basic entity of divine energy or divine consciousness. Everything originates from the divine conscious vibration of love, so divine consciousness is the continuing basic entity.

Okay. If divine consciousness is the continuing basic entity, then what is the variant phase or version?

A variant phase or version of divine consciousness in my case would not only be who I am now (Carol) but also any other version or expression of consciousness I have ever been in any and all prior lifetimes—whether I expressed as a human embodiment, as a spiritual form, or as an energy, such as the vibration of love or the essence of collective unconscious.

Thus, the variant phrase or version would be every version of divine consciousness I am now expressing, have ever expressed in the past, or will ever express in the future. It is anything and everything that I will ever reflect as or project as in any realm, dimension, or state of consciousness. And because divine consciousness is one inseparable, indivisible energy, I am simultaneously each and every and all consciousness.

Wow! Did you understand? This is what you are too!

You are a variant version (avatar) of a continuing basic entity (consciousness). Think of it as though you are a conscious intention, projecting as a conscious reflection of divine energy.

We are all Avatars of Consciousness. Isn’t that amazing?

The phrase Avatars of Consciousness™ is a perfectly succinct description of “What am I?” because the word “avatar” can also describe a divine beingness that is incarnating as physical form. That is most definitely apropos to us. We are one divine beingness expressing as any and all conscious forms.

It is now understandable that our physical bodies would remain here while our consciousness moves on because our human body is the form we utilize and through which we express in this particular dimension. But our consciousness is not limited to physical form. Our consciousness can project anywhere. This is the reason we can energetically interact with others through dreams or telepathy, even departed loved ones. Our consciousness moves on, but our physical matter (our body) remains here because it is merely an aspect of the manifested energy (human form) into which we project our true beingness—our divine consciousness.

We are not barred entry into any world, dimension, or state of consciousness because we are pure divine energy, and divine energy simultaneously exists as all states of consciousness. The most wonderful aspect to being us is that we will continue to be Avatars of Consciousness™ even after this lifetime, because our consciousness is not only limitless, it is eternal.

Although our consciousness is eternal, our physical bodies are not; they are physical reminders of the impermanence of ever-changing matter. It is important that we consciously recognize that the safety of our body, our beingness, is always paramount. It is our body that tethers us to a physical, matter-based dimension, allowing our consciousness to unfold. We need our body to be healthy so we can consciously experience our profound nature.

Always there are energetic laws associated with every plane of consciousness that define the fabric of our conscious experience, our embodiment, and for now, the fabric of our current state of individual human consciousness does not allow us free, unbounded physical and energetic mobility. But even though our body is more subject to the physical laws of this dimension, our consciousness is not. It is possible for us to more lucidly experience multiple states of consciousness while in our physical bodies by raising our energetic vibration and developing higher conscious awareness in waking consciousness.

We are at the beginning of our understanding of what we are, and as we continue to unfold our knowing and utilize specific tools, we will engage our consciousness, intend our unfolding, and transform ourselves into consciously aware Avatars of Consciousness until one day in our not too distant future, we will be fully awakened, remembering our true divine “identity.”

The joy of finally learning the answer to “What am I?” was extraordinary to experience. Our true potential is the unbounded, limitless expression of divine energy as Avatars of Consciousness™—avatars of love.

Of course, consciously perceiving our true nature will not instantly eradicate our problems or drastically alter our life. But by holding conscious intention and becoming more attentive, we will begin to more consciously awaken to the quantum aspects of our Universe and of our nature, enabling us to more intentionally unfold our true beingness in the lives we live. The true nature of ourselves and of everything is always simultaneously both quantum and classical (allness and onceness, wave and particle, all-at-once).

Remember that just because we are awakening doesn’t mean we won’t still experience life. Life is all about experiencing; that’s how we unfold our conscious remembrance. But learning to experience our lives with more conscious intention while maintaining a positive attitude can make all the difference in how our experiences affect us. We each must still walk our predestined paths, but by awakening to our higher consciousness, we can learn to energetically impact the destinies and realities we live.

Being more consciously aware or spiritually aligned isn’t about avoiding our life; it is about recognizing what hinders us from experiencing our true self and reconciling anything that does not allow us to live as fully and consciously aware as possible. After all, we are a profound and phenomenal beingness, and the more we consciously understand the what of it all, the more joyfully we can experience that what in our lives.

In actuality, we are divine consciousness projecting through our own All-at-Once Consciousness as Avatars of Consciousness™. We are simultaneously everything all-at-once; both the projector and the projected.

In each and every lifetime, we hold the essence of our same soul divinity, and each new incarnation is a projection or variation of the continuing basic entity of our divine consciousness. Sound familiar? It should. It’s the pathway that each of us as soul divinity (Avatars of Consciousness™) have experienced.”

Once we are fully awakened to our remembrance of divine truth, we will be able to consciously project or manifest through any state of consciousness, dimension, or reality as any essence, any energy, or any form because our true beingness is unbounded, limitless, eternal divine energy expressing as Avatars of Consciousness™ … and if that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!


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