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The Disparity of Belief vs. The Unity of Truth

We live in a world delineated by beliefs. The belief that we are merely physical, limited to human conscious form. The belief that we are spiritual, unlimited eternal essence. The belief that our football team is the only team worth supporting. The belief that republicans are in the pocket of big business and only care about profits. The belief that democrats aren't really advocates for the common man, but rather manipulating people for votes and political gain. The belief that atheists are bad people because they don’t believe in God. The belief that only the members of our particular religious group will go to heaven.

On and on our beliefs pour through our hearts and our consciousness creating our reality … shaping our world, defining our lives.

It is a sad fact that our beliefs do not unite us—nor will they ever. Eventually our beliefs will separate all of us from ourselves, divine energy, and each other, as only ultimate truth can ever truly unite us. We claim we seek truth, but do we really seek truth or merely the comfort of those who share our beliefs? Our beliefs are shaped by our cultural background, our spiritual perceptions, our physical reality, and our responses to our past, present, and future experiences. But pure truth is not colored by anything of the past, present, or future. Truth stands purely in its own light and is never altered nor contingent upon whether we believe it or not. Truth just is.

As difficult as it is for us to accept, our beliefs may well be limiting us from experiencing our True Self and the unity we seek as an individual and as a collective consciousness. Truth is a mirror that reflects our beingness, our essence, back to us through what we perceive, express, and experience. But if that truth is skewed by where we are standing in our own conscious awakening in relation to pure truth, then truth is not truth but rather a misperception, a distortion of truth, or a lie.

Any time we are standing outside of the truth of our pure divine beingness, then we are experiencing a multi-dimensional lie, defined by our beliefs. We do not perceive in relation to everything that is ... we, as human beings, perceive in relation to everything that is known within us. And if we do not yet know the truth of our divine beingness, then our perceptions are based upon an erroneous foundation.

We believe that we are separating ourselves from those who do not share our beliefs, but in reality we are separating ourselves not only from others but also from our own true divine self.

How many of us have been shocked by the news of one football fan killing another fan from an opposing team? Initially, we say, “Who could be so crazy as to do such a thing?”  We cannot imagine how anyone could kill another person for supporting a different team. After all, it’s only a game. But in actuality, they weren’t killed for supporting another team. They were killed for their beliefs. And if, for a minute, you can’t imagine how anyone can be killed for their beliefs, just turn your thoughts to the two most emotionally-charged beliefs that have killed millions of people throughout the history of mankind:  religion and politics. The most tragic example for our country is the Civil War where even brother fought against brother for a belief.  Or the long bloodshed that occurred between Protestants and Catholics in Europe. When God is only the pure vibration of love, what true God would want this kind of bloodshed?  In truth, God did not kill these people, human beings did. Why?  Because they were still experiencing the misperception of separation that has permeated our consciousness since the creation of collective human consciousness.   

Our beliefs define us. But should they? We take offense when someone doesn’t believe what we believe as we view it as a blow against our perceived “self.” In actuality, all beliefs in physical reality are lies. Ultimate truth is that we, each other, divinity, our planet, our universe, and all conscious dimensions are merely perceptions and reflections of divine consciousness, as there is ONLY ONE INSEPARABLE, INDIVISIBLE DIVINE ENERGY that is simultaneously the identical consciousness of everything we see, touch, experience, and share. So, in effect when we harm or belittle or even kill another, we are killing our own DIVINE SELF, as we are all identically the same one divine energy. Most importantly, the entire purpose of the shift in consciousness we are now experiencing on this planet is to consciously recognize that Divinity is not “in” us or we “in” divinity. That perception epitomizes the foundation of our misperception. There is no “in.”  In implies parts and there are no parts in divine energy ... ever. In truth, we and divinity are identically the same one, inseparable Divine Conscious Energy. 

Though we can often become arrogant in our spiritual awakening and condemn those who do not share our believes, in truth, our essence cannot shine brightest through a fragmented, deluded perception of self—no matter how spiritually or consciously awakened we perceive ourselves to be. Rather, the truth of our essence shines most vibrantly and purely when we respect each other and LOVE each other as the same divine energy, trusting and knowing that our individual perceptions and beliefs are temporary and will naturally continue to fall away as we awaken and remember the ultimate truth of our divine nature. 

So as we move through our lives, if we meet another that does not share our beliefs, it is because their unique path has unfolded in a different way than ours and they are struggling, the same as we, to bring forth their true essence. Honor them and their path, which is simultaneously the same as our path because it is unfolding through the same one divine consciousness, and interact with them in love, respect, and support for them as an energetic essence. Then look deeper within your own self and question what beliefs are separating you not only from others, but also from your own True Self. Then you will have removed yet another “fabricated” perception of ultimate truth, born out of your own divine awakening from the dream of misperception we all are simultaneously experiencing.

Imagine that when you meet someone of opposing beliefs, one of you represents a red pencil and one of you represents a blue pencil. Try to hold the conscious intention to be a purple pencil, as purple is the color that results when red and blue are combined as one color. No matter how it may appear to the contrary, keep hold of your conscious knowingness that red and blue are identically the same divine conscious energy, reflecting through the uniqueness of one’s own prism of perception. Then let that conscious knowing and the vibration of love guide your interactions so that the unity of truth dispels the disparity of beliefs and energetically unites even those who appear to be standing on opposite sides of an issue. In this way, we learn to work through the fragmented perception of divine truth when perceiving through our more limited human conscious mind.

Trust and know that eventually all of us will awaken and remember ultimate divine truth, regardless of how it may now appear when reflecting through the prism of individual and collective human consciousness.   

Blessings of peace that all of us would learn to love each other no matter how the truth of our pure divine essence is reflecting in this physical, matter based world.

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