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Private Sessions

An Intuitive Counseling Session with Carol:

Carol begins each session by consciously and energetically aligning herself with higher (divine) consciousness and your unique soul vibration to bring forth relevant information specific to you and your life.

For the first 30 minutes of your session, Carol will convey higher conscious thoughts, feelings, or impressions about your unique soul consciousness and the energetic events, experiences, or choices that you are currently experiencing as well as what may be in the process of manifesting in your immediate or long-term future. Carol's insights will not only give you glimpses of what is manifesting in your life and why, but also guidance on how to change your perspective, make better choices, and manifest more love, joy and abundance in your life. During the remaining 5-10 minutes of your session, you can ask questions or discuss any information conveyed in your session.

Carol does not record any of these sessions, but she does welcome you to either take notes or record your sessions for your own future reference.

In order to experience the best possible energetic interaction, you should use a land line for your telephone session and be situated in a quiet space so you can consciously and energetically focus on the information being conveyed.

As toxins can influence one's vibrational field, anyone participating in an intuitive counseling session is encouraged to refrain from drinking alcohol or taking any mind-altering drugs at least 24 hours prior to their session.

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Request a Session

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Carol Romine has been a teacher, mentor and personal friend for many years now. I first met Carol back in college when I was new to the metaphysical world and she gave me my very first reading. I feel like my life changed from that very moment. Not only was she accurate and detailed about events that only I knew, but she opened my eyes to a whole world of spirituality and connecting to the divine that I never knew existed, or maybe I knew on some level but hadn't fully experienced until then. After that point we had more readings and interactions, each of which I treasure dearly. It wasn't until years later that I would know how amazing and important Carol would be in my life. A few years after college I had been living in Manhattan and was going through a horrible break up. I ran into Carol and she noticed how lost I was (even though I was trying my best to hide it) and she offered to gift me with a reading. Carol knew things about the relationship that only I knew and she really helped me to see things more clearly and to understand how I could move on, which before had seemed impossible. During the session, Carol shared guidance from the divine that the energy of morganite would help me to release the pain of the relationship as well as attract true love. Carol was with me when I picked out a morganite stone cut in a sacred geometry pattern intended for love. I wore it every day. Three months later I met my now fiance.

Carol is an amazing person who really is here to help people move forward in their lives. You can tell instantly upon meeting her that she is pure love and light. I am so thankful that I have the blessing of knowing her and I can't thank her enough for the work that she does and for sharing her gift!

Christine, 31
Los Angeles


I have had several readings with Carol over the past 15 years, and I have grown to have such a high regard for her intuitive (psychic) ability, accuracy, and wisdom. Her insight is always profound and meaningful during my readings! Her ability to clarify situations in my personal and professional life has been such an amazing support that without her guidance, I firmly believe I would not have seen the many opportunities that were available to me. We all have challenges to overcome, but having Carol help me identify these and determine ways to conquer them have been extremely valuable! We are not always able to identify negative patterns, and thus we continue to repeat them. If we can have some clarity as to what they are and push past them, we can achieve a more satisfying life than we ever imagine. Through my readings with Carol, I have been able to recognize several karmic patterns and successfully surmount them and I can say I am so grateful for that!

Sarah, 33
Orlando, FL


It is our pleasure to write a few words about our spiritual advisor, Carol Romine.  We have known and interacted with Carol for over a decade.  To say she has special gifts is a classic understatement.   Carol’s short-term, and long-term, “readings” are accurate, positive, and uplifting.  If there are to be trials (as there are for most of us) on the  path ahead, Carol does not shy away from presenting them.  But there are always wonderful suggestions on how to cope, and seek Universal Spirit’s guidance.  Carol’s observations and predictions would make you believe she has know you all your life (perhaps many lives), and she brings this in-depth knowledge to her readings, always to your benefit.  Carol is truly a once-in-a-lifetime find!  If you are fortunate enough to be in her world, you will have a unique friend, counselor, and guide in your corner for life’s journey.  Who could ask for more??

Ron & Christine
Vero Beach, FL


Have you ever wished that someone would just know you, from the inside out, without having to explain yourself, without having to say a word? Have you ever wished someone would confirm for you that what you sensed about yourself all along is actually true? Having a reading with Carol is like having your Michelangelo restored. You kind of knew what it looked like, but you haven't seen it in so long, that you aren't really sure. Now you see it again, and you know with your eyes what you only sensed with your soul before. It's like having a dream, that you barely remember, come back to you in words and pictures that stay with you and propel you forward. If life seems like a game of Marco Polo, having a reading with Carol feels like the blindfold is coming off.  What you could only hear in the distance before, and were spinning around trying to find, is out in the open. You only need swim toward it for it to be yours once again, forever.

Westport, CT


I have a very dear friend, Carol Romine, who is very spiritual and has been spirit led since she was a little girl.  I called Carol in September to ask for her help in finding a lost dog named Zeus. I began by saying "Carol -- I need your help with a dog that is lost."  The first thing she asked was if he was lost in a rain storm because she saw him all muddy and he wasn't able to pick up his scent to find his way home because of all the rain. I told her "yes, he got out of his yard during a severe thunderstorm." I then asked her "is Zeus okay? Is he still alive? Can you tell me where is he?"  Immediately, Carol told me -- yes, he was okay and that she saw him near water and a big open field and woods, and there was a small bridge right there. She said people had seen him but they didn't know he was lost and Zeus was afraid and would run away if anyone tried to get near him. Then she told me that Zeus would be returned home in 3 days.  As Carol was speaking, I tried to imagine the area she was talking about. Carol told me that Zeus had traveled farther north and west than where they had searched. After our conversation, I drove around that area looking for Zeus and put up several posters on telephone poles. I saw big open fields, water, but no Zeus and no bridge. The next day I saw a post on Facebook that Zeus had been seen in Vero Lago, so I drove over to the area intending to leave more flyers, and as I drove around the gated community, I saw the lake, the big open field, the woods, and the bridge just like Carol had described!  Then, today, on the third day after speaking with Carol, I found Zeus and he was safely returned home!!! When I spoke with the owner, she shared that her husband had gone to Vero Lago to look for Zeus and met a man that told him that he'd seen Zeus several times by the bridge but every time he tried to get near him, Zeus would act afraid and run into the woods! It gave me goose bumps as Carol perfectly described the area, the circumstances, and that Zeus would be returned home in 3 days. After finding Zeus, Carol was the first person I called, and we both cried with tears of joy! Carol is such a warm, kind and genuine woman--so full of love for all of humanity and nature and she is truly one of the most inspirational people I've ever known. Carol's connection with divine higher consciousness is truly beautiful, as reflected through the profundity of her insight.

Vero Beach, FL
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