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Publication Date: June 16, 2012
by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House

Haven’t we each wondered, to one extent or another, about all those great mysteries surrounding who we are, why we are here, and where we are going individually and as mankind? Hasn’t nearly everyone gazed up at the sky trying to figure out how all of this really works—God, the seen universe, earth, life, our beginning, our purpose, and our future?

There are many theories, but even the most faithfully held beliefs have holes once you triangulate the tenets of that belief to your intuition and experiential reality. (Experiential reality is when we find ourselves experiencing something perceived by us to be impossible in our conventional reality world, yet, it happens, so it is not impossible at all, only incomprehensible.)

Even seeking answers from spiritual beings among us who have gained enlightenment or glimpsed ultimate truth is a road riddled with difficult material that is seemingly only intended for masters themselves to comprehend. This road often requires not only spiritual commitment but also physical sacrifice of human and worldly comforts to pursue.

There seems to be no single, surefire way to find the answers we seek—only promises that the road to awareness is either this way or that from people who certainly appear more enlightened, loving, or beatific than us.

Many adored beings—spiritual masters, teachers, saints, mystics, philosophers, and others—have brought us spiritual truth throughout the ages, and always love is the resounding core of any message. Yet human translation of those messages seems to split off into varying factions, all believing their interpretation is the only truth that opens the pathway to eternity and that they alone have favor with divinity.

At a young age, I was perplexed by all those versions of truth. To me, it was a clue that something was not quite right about any of it. If at our core we are all one, connected as divinity, then truth must be true for all. Truth cannot be true for one and not for another. It is impossible. Why, then, are there all the disparities, division, and disagreements when it comes to truth?

Truth unites, it does not divide, and truth need not be defended, as it requires nothing from us to make it true. Deep inside, this was my belief, even as a child.

This is a true story that began with a transcendent, life-altering experience that occurred when I was nine years old, which was the beginning of the unfolding of divine knowing within me. It was an unfolding centered within a consciousness enveloped in a tapestry of mysticism and human embodiment. Threads of light, love, and truth were woven throughout all conscious expressions and lifetimes, manifesting in this lifetime through a chain of events and a pathway guided by what can only be viewed as divine design.

It took nearly an entire life lived before the story could unfold. Why? Because the story is proof of the existence of all that we have longed to touch within ourselves and know about the mysteries of whom we are, our origins, our purpose, and our destiny.

This is not an autobiography but rather a series of energetic experiences revealing varied and multiple states of consciousness that eventually culminated in an astonishing period that tied together the experiences of this lifetime to The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us. It isn’t intended to support or argue for one belief over another but rather to shatter the original misperception we all carry from the Creation of collective human consciousness (the beginning). It is that original misperception that is at the very center of all our feelings of suffering, fear, pain, confusion, and separation.

It is a profound story, one that weaves throughout consciousness and lifetimes and finds at its center a girl in this lifetime who perceives herself to be just a typical girl, with only one thing that appears unusual: her relationship with a divine presence she remembered from age four—when she nearly died.

I always thought of myself as just a girl existing on earth in a physical body, deeply connected through love to an unseen Benevolence (divinity); yet, that unseen relationship was the cornerstone of everything that would be known, awakened, and remembered within me—abilities and experiences beyond explanation in this physical world.

Every word, every event, and every awareness I write about is true. Though I had no conscious knowledge that the unusual life I was leading had been destined as part of the story, it shouldn’t really have surprised me when it worked out that way, as it was a perfect way to reveal the story of us—through the experiences and consciousness of one of us as living proof of who and what we really are at the center of our beingness.

Many of us have always felt there is something about this lifetime that is special—a purpose for us being here now. There is. We all want to experience (consciously or unconsciously) the transition—the shift occurring within collective human consciousness.

The amazing moment when everything crystallized in my consciousness was definitely a picture worth a thousand words. However, this book will take significantly more words than that, for it involves so much more than just a thought, a concept, or one event. It is the story that unfolded through a lifetime of interacting with Benevolence. It is a story that relates not just to me personally but also one that embodies and reveals the story of all of us, answering questions that have befuddled us since the beginning of time—revealing the truth of who we are and the ultimate purpose of life.

In telling this story, it is my intent that you will finally know the answers to questions held deeply within yourself; you will understand who you are and your purpose in being here; you will never again suffer from feelings of spiritual separation or be afraid of where you are now, where you have been, or where you are going; and most importantly, by consciously understanding, you will pierce the veil of original misperception and begin awakening to your true nature.

The wonderful part of the story is that you are in for the most incredible of all surprises. Actually, it is the best surprise ever imaginable—not only because the age-old mysteries will be solved but also because what you embody is profoundly fantastic!

I’ve never been one for ruining surprises or storylines, even when friends would beg me to tell them. Why? Because some stories, some surprises, are far too wonderful to have them stolen away because we don’t believe anything will really surprise us all that much.

This book is for each of you, in hopes that you may not only be as surprised as a child filled with wonderment and joy when unwrapping the present of you to yourself but also that you may find love, peace, comfort, support, understanding, and remembrance in these words, enabling you to know that now is the time for you to awaken to your divine destiny.

—Carol Romine


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