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It is New Year’s Eve morning and a friend and I are conversing about the upcoming year, when she asked what I envision 2012 will hold.

Higher conscious thoughts begin pouring through my mind as I am being shown that many of us are feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of what we have been experiencing this past year or even longer. It seems that no matter how much we intend it otherwise, we have found ourselves to be fully immersed in an experience that seems unending. This can be anything from a difficult financial situation involving property that will not sell, employment we seek but cannot find, a challenging personal experience with a loved one, a struggle to recuperate our health, or many other types of experiences. We sense that the way has been made clear and change is upon us; yet, on and on the experience continues with no physical verification that the situation holding us as energetic hostage has been relieved, allowing us to move forward in our lives.

In essence, we feel emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually bound to a situation that we cannot leave—even if it were possible—as abandoning the situation will only compound the difficulty we are experiencing. We feel bound in a way that we cannot ever before remember as being so energetically constricting … deeply impacting our sense of freedom and our state of mind. 

Many of us experiencing this type of static frustration should take heart, for 2012 brings an energetic reprieve—a window of opportunity to change the circumstances that have bound us … even the possibility that we will experience complete liberation. The home we listed will attract a buyer; new employment will be secured; an early retirement package will be offered, affording us the opportunity to relieve the stress of a difficult working situation; surgery will be performed to clear a major health issue—the key to unshackle us will be provided in a way that is unique for our situation.

Our sense of energetic restraint has been amplified by our desire to pursue a different life, causing us to feel as though we are being held captive by the life we have created and the path that we are walking … a path we no longer enjoy, as our soul is calling us to a new life less encumbered by a sense of obligation and more about awakening to our true self.  

So when these pockets of relief arrive, it is important for us to recognize them as the cornerstone of our new life, and not just a continuation of the same energy pattern we have been living. For instance, if we undergo heart surgery and we have not been attending to our health (smoking, etc), we may choose to recognize this experience as a platform for creating a new way of living. Or if we have listed our home and a buyer appears, making an offer less than we had hoped, it may be time to release our current home so that we may embrace a path founded on our intention to live a more simplified life … and the energetic, spiritual, emotional relief we will be afforded through this sale will more than counterbalance the diminished financial revenue.

I believe that for many of us who have intended a different way of life, 2012 will provide the energetic means to liberate us from emotional, mental, physical or spiritual entanglements in our current life that prevent us from more freely experiencing our heart-felt intentions. Our bindings will be loosened, and if we recognize it as an opportunity to create a new foundation, those bindings will fall away and we will find ourselves energetically free to embrace our new life … a life that may awaken and align us with our truest destiny path.

Today, as I stand at the threshold between 2011 and 2012, I find myself very excited and optimistic about the year and the life ahead. I am ready to experience my life from the center of my being as my true self, less encumbered by the energy of experiences and circumstances that can cause me to shift my focus and drift off course … aren’t you?

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