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My book, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny: The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us” is for anyone who has ever consciously pondered one, many, or all of these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I, really, at the core of my being?
  • How did I come to be?
  • Why am I here—what is the ultimate purpose of life?
  • Is anything real in the sense that it absolutely exists—or is everything really nothingness?
  • What is the true nature of divine energy—what is my relationship with divinity?
    • If everything is divine energy and divinity is perfect, then we, too, must be perfect. And if we are already  perfect, then why did we enter human consciousness in the first place—what is the real reason we are incarnated in human form?
  • If we are all truly one being, then why are we experiencing separation?
  • What makes it energetically possible for me to experience quantum, paranormal reality while living in a human form in a dimension defined by the laws of classical physics?
  • What is time and space—does it really exist?
  • How did our universe begin—and where does it end?
  • If there is a shift in consciousness occurring, why is it occurring—what is the purpose?
  • What is the difference between fate and free will?
  • Do I have a choice in what I experience or is everything pre-determined?
  • Do conscious intentions really work—can consciousness affect matter and alter the reality that manifests?
  • How can I be in human form and human consciousness, yet simultaneously experience other states of consciousness—alternate realities?
  • What makes it possible for me to experience “consciousness” even when I am “unconscious” in surgery or in dreams?
  • Is my life “real” or am I really just experiencing a manifestation of consciousness—such as what I experience when dreaming  which feels absolutely real to me when I am experiencing it even though it is not “real” at all?
  • Does consciousness continue after death?
  • … Just what is reality?
  • … What is consciousness?

Some of these questions began in early childhood, while others began as I aged, experienced, and learned. But always the desire to know—to understand—the mystery of us, divinity, and our universe was at the forefront of my consciousness.

An experience when I was 4 years old and nearly died during tonsil surgery was the beginning of my search. During surgery, I experienced a spontaneous state of altered consciousness where I was directly communicating with a Benevolent presence in a place of blissful love, peaceful perfection, and absolute stillness. This experience occurred when I was “unconscious” on an operating table, yet I was fully consciously aware that I was experiencing direct energetic interaction with a divine presence. I was simultaneously aware of both states of consciousness.

When I awakened from the anesthesia, I not only vividly remembered this experience but I also consciously realized that something was very different in my life, as there were now light-filled, beautiful beings of love that walked beside me and communicated with me through my thoughts and through my feelings … benevolent beings I recognized from my experience during surgery. I did not realize until later that the love-filled beings were angels—and the Benevolent presence was what I would come to call God. But I did know that no matter what you call divine Benevolence, it absolutely does exist. It is a conscious vibration of love that overwhelms your senses with love, peace, connectedness, and a sense of belonging that is so absolute it is unequaled by anything known in this world. It is the purest and most connected sense of being home that one could ever imagine.

From this point forward, I sought to understand what I had experienced and how I could return to that Benevolent energy and that place of bliss. Then when I was 9 years old, I experienced a transcendent event—an event that forever defined my life. As I gazed deeply into the clouds, I began thinking about God and life and how everything really works—willing myself to know. (My young mind thought that if I just concentrated with all my might on this big mystery, I would solve it.) Then, a split second later, I experienced an energetic thought directly from Benevolence that asked, “Do you really want to know?” I answered with an emphatic “Yes!” from every part of my being.

Everything instantly shifted and I found myself experiencing a transcendent state of consciousness where I was once more energetically interacting and consciously communing with divinity. There were no words or images. There was only a profoundly blissful state of divine all-knowingness where I and divinity were of the same mind and energetic beingness. There was no space; no time. It was everything all-at-once; yet, also simultaneously nothingness. And in that moment, all of my questions were answered … the allness of everything was just known to me. It was the experience of my life. And although I had been trying to find my way back to this Benevolent presence since I was 4 years old, this experience coalesced all that I had desired—all that I had longed to understand into one focused point of energetic commitment to finding my way back to the divine all-knowingness “consciously” experienced in this profound place recognized within me as my only true home.

After this experience, the energetic doorway to conscious interaction with divine energy remained open … and this benevolent relationship would prove to be the means through which I would eventually remember the ultimate truth known to me during this profound, mystical encounter.

My experiences from age 4 to age 9 formed the cornerstone of my life and forever shaped the path that I would follow. A path that has unfolded the life of a mystic and spiritual teacher interwoven in the expressions of a human being and a soul.

Always I have sought answers from divine consciousness to our most universal questions about our origin, our essence, our purpose; and it took nearly an entire life lived before those answers could unfold in my waking conscious awareness. Why?  Because the answers were not just going to be given from divine consciousness through a theory about how all of this works (us, divine energy, and our universe). The answers would be unfolded through the life I was living—through my thoughts, my feelings, and my unusual paranormal and mystical experiences. In this way, the answers revealed through waking conscious awareness would connect the dots of what we all sense inside of ourselves to the experiences we and others live—and why these experiences are possible.

The way in which this story unfolded is perfect for the message being conveyed, as it is energetic proof of the existence of all that we have longed to touch within ourselves and know about the mysteries of whom we are, our origins, our purpose, and our destiny … a story that relates to all of us as collective human consciousness.

Although I’ve experienced an incredible life of energetic awareness and conscious interaction with divine energy, the intention of writing this book was not to showcase my life, but rather to help others become aware of the lives they can be living—the extraordinary lives we can all be living—through understanding our own essence and learning how to more consciously interact with our own higher (divine) consciousness, subconscious mind, and waking conscious awareness to more joyfully experience our lives, enrich us personally, and awaken us consciously to the truth of everything.

I am living the life I am living because of my conscious intention in childhood to know divine Benevolence as deeply and truly as this energetic connection can be know. My thirst to experience the ultimate truth of divine energy awakened me early in life and defined the path of mysticism I would follow—a path centered on a devotion to the divine that is unbounded by religious doctrines or human influence. In truth, that is really the only way we can ever find our way home to that benevolent energy of perfection and love—through our own pure intentions of experiencing love merely for the sake of love. And it is my heart-felt prayer that as I share myself with you—through my waking conscious thoughts, my feelings, my higher (conscious) insights, and my profound experiences—that you, too, would come home to yourself and home to all that is divine benevolence.

The book, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny” that unfolded has been written for all mankind, as the truths conveyed do not belong to any specific religion, faith, or culture—for they are our truths, as collective human consciousness. Hopefully, my life and the events I have experienced will help each person to recognize what they may have already experienced or known but did not consciously realize.

Most importantly, this story is unfolding in physical manifestation now, at this time, as part of the divinely designed blueprint of our conscious awakening and remembrance of our true divine nature. We are living at the threshold of an extraordinary time for mankind … a time where spirituality and science will be bridged and conscious understanding of our true nature will shatter our deepest misperceptions about ourselves—shifting our consciousness and reconciling each of us to our true divine nature.

As I look back on the life I have lived, I realize that my life—our lives—is a thread in the divine tapestry that all of us are simultaneously experiencing. Why not pull on that thread and see where it takes you—as a human being, a soul divinity, and a collective consciousness?

Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny … a destiny more profound than any dream imagined.

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