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Welcoming My First Book Into the World!

It is June 20th and my mind is abuzz with thoughts and my heart filled with hope as the book that has been in the process of being created—through the living of my life and my experiences with divine energy—has physically manifested in the world!

Although it was certainly a time I anticipated many times over the past year or so, its arrival was unexpected. Why unexpected? Because I had not expected the book to go “live” so soon after signing off on the galley prints.

Sitting here in a bubble of joy while simultaneously feeling surprised at the book’s arrival in the world, I am reminded of a conversation a few months ago with my friend, Ellen. We were discussing the unexpected delays encountered in bringing this book forward and my intention to find the perfect date for the book’s unfoldment in physical reality. True to her calm nature, Ellen imparted the following words that helped me relinquish control back to divine intention, “Carol, don’t worry about anything, as this book will be born when it is ready.”

I had chosen July 28th as the book’s birthday, as that was the date I had targeted for book launch … obviously, the book had other plans. I find it interesting that the date of the book’s arrival (June 20th) is the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year and when the sun is at its zenith. It feels energetically right to me that a book that is divinely intended to consciously “awaken” us to our true nature would be born on a day that the physical sun is at its highest point in our sky. To me it is a sign that this book has indeed been born on its divinely intended day, but as I phone Ellen to share the joyful news, little waves of panic were breaking through my mind. Ellen shared her thoughts that I might just be feeling a little frightfully overjoyed … which is completely normal considering how hard I’ve worked and that I was now entering a new, unknown phase in my life.

Frightfully overjoyed is a term with which I am well acquainted from my subconscious work with Angela. It basically means that I am simultaneously feeling completely overjoyed while also working through something about the experience that is triggering an emotional response of fear.

Upon reflection, I was initially feeling a little tinge of fright about the situation. But now I’m consciously intending to set aside my “frightful” feelings—feelings we sometimes encounter when anticipating the unknown—and I am fully and enthusiastically embracing the “overjoyed” feelings triggered by this wonderful experience.

Why? Because a beautiful book came into being today … a book that I know will touch many, many lives and is a crucial component of the shift in consciousness divinely intended for all of us to experience. This book will help people better understand themselves and their own conscious beingness as well as what has been divinely intended for all of us to experience through the creation of collective human consciousness, as it is a book that embodies and explains the “shift” in consciousness we are all in the process of experiencing. Most importantly, this is not a book intended for only a select few. This book reveals our truth as a collective—a truth that helps us to more consciously connect with our true self while simultaneously recognizing that we are always energetically connected to everything and everyone. Then once we consciously realize the true nature of ourselves and our universe, it will be easier for us to release misperception and fear and embrace love and spiritual unity … and that is a beautiful awakening for us individually and as a collective.

This book simultaneously captures the extraordinary journey of my awakening and remembrance of divine all-knowingness held deeply within my consciousness since childhood while revealing the story of all of us as collective human consciousness.

Today my heart, my mind, and my spirit are at peace because I know that this book has manifested now, at this time in our human conscious unfoldment, because now is the time divinely intended for us to consciously know. Why? Because we are more fully conscious now than ever before … energetically and consciously ready to understand and to embrace the phenomenal truth of our divine beingness.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny”! ... My heartfelt intention is that every moment of your existence in the world will be a blessing for all to experience and share with themselves and each other, and that the divine message energetically conveyed through your words and higher (divine) conscious intention will help ignite the “reconciliation of mankind” as spoken of by the angel in my childhood so that we will truly live, love, and express in this dimension and all others as one divine energy, consciously recognizing that, “We are one consciousness … one light, expressing through the multi-faceted prism of our own essence.”

This is my birthday wish for you, dear book … and for all of us.

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